The Prep + Rally System

What is Prep + Rally?

What are the benefits of Prep + Rally?

What can I expect each week as a subscriber?

What does a week look like with Prep + Rally?

When do new menus come out?

How Many People Does It Serve?

How much prep time is needed on Sunday and how quickly does dinner come together during the week?

What kind of recipes will I get with this plan?

How many nights a week does Prep + Rally cover?

Are the meals kid/family friendly?

Can the menus be modified for various diets and allergies?

What about breakfast and lunch?

Account and Billing

How Do I Cancel or Add a Subscription Back onto My Account?

How Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Subscription?

Why Do I Need to Put in a Credit Card for the Free Month Trial?

How Do I Reset my Password? I Forgot it!

Do These Plans Auto-Renew?