Top 10 meal prep tips and tricks!

August 24, 2018

Top 10 meal prep tips and tricks!

We are so happy you're here and can't wait for you to start reaping the benefits of Prep and Rally, the best meal prep subscription service that saves time, money, and sanity! To ensure that you are being as productive as possible and getting as much out of this meal prep plan as possible we've laid out all out tricks and tips!. Rally on!


Keys to a successful and even more efficient Sunday meal prep #PrepRally!

  • Print out all PDF’s or read through to familiarize yourself with the steps 
  • Make any necessary swaps and adjust grocery list accordingly  
  • Shop (I shop online for convenience)
  • Start with a clean kitchen!
  • Place garbage in close distance to workspace
  • Pre-wash (peel if applicable)  all produce
  • Set out all containers and cookware 
  • Set up stations for each recipe in the order they’re written out
  • Follow the recipes in the order they're written 
  • buddy up and meal prep with family and friends to make it more fun



You don't need anything fancy to meal prep but if you're looking to add some new items to your inventory click here for our top picks!


And here are some of our top kitchen essentials that save time, get great flavor, and great quality food. We highly recommend these items as we use them week after week when we meal prep!


Microplane or grater- This is great for garlic, hard cheeses, citrus, ginger, and chocolate. I love how versatile this this and always adds major flavor with very little effort!


Cast Iron Pan- There's nothing like a good sear with even heat distribution and a cast iron pan always does the trick for so many different foods. Plus if properly taken care of it can last a lifetime! I love Smithey.


Immersion Blender- I make sauces, salad dressings, smoothies, marinades, soups, purees...the list goes on! And the best part is that it cleans super easily and blends in any container you may have! I'm all about little clean up and ease in the kitchen. Get one if you don't already own one! Here is what I own.


Chef's Knife-You'd be surprised how few people actually have a large chef's knife and how much fewer have a SHARP one. Every home needs one and knowledge of how to use it to maximize time in the kitchen and actually enjoy it. You can go a little fancier  or go simpler with Global. I've had my global for 7 years and STILL love it!


Storage Containers-

You simply can't meal prep without them! I love Stasher bags and storage containers with tight fitting lids such as these and these.  I also love Pyrex storage containers!


Baking Sheets-

We do a LOT of roasting! Pick up a few baking sheets if you don't already have them.   And I am currently loving these silicon baking mats to reduce waste with tin foil and parchment paper. It does require more washing though..



 Once you start prepping with us you'll start thinking about cooking in a whole new way and get creative with your dishes and leftovers. Here are your back pocket repurposes for last night's dinner to get you started.

  • Chicken or Meat- egg rolls or pizza 
  • Roasted or Sautéed Vegetables- bowls, frittata, hash
  • Grains- bowls, burgers, burritos, casserole
  • Dressings and sauces- salad, bowls, or marinades for new protein