How to make the best school lunch

August 30, 2018

How to make the best school lunch

It’s Time To Talk About School!

If you guys are anything like me, you have carefully avoided mentioning the “S” word around the kiddos over the past couple weeks. Yes Summer is coming to an end, and Fall brings in its own excitement; pumpkin everything, cute jackets, and those boots that have been sitting in your closet when all they want to do is make your legs look amazing! Those coming off a couple months of vacation tend to struggle with having to say goodbye to outdoors and free time and hello to classrooms and structure. That’s why I created this list of five school lunch hacks- it’s everything a child needs to feel good, energized, and cared for, to help them get through the second half of the school day.

  1. Choose a quality lunch box

Quality doesn't have to mean spending more money, it can mean buying the right lunch box (like our favorite Prepd  ones, or our other favorite from Planet Box ) that will allow for the proper space and will help prevent messes and spillage before and after lunchtime. It's worth spending a little extra to get a great quality box that will last and that the kids will truly enjoy eating from.


  1. Dust off those cookie cutters

Whether it's for sandwiches, fruit slices, or cheeses, this is an an easy way to elevate your loved ones lunch and show you care.


     3. Get creative

Tap into your artistic side and try other fun ideas that’ll have your loved one

guessing what they'll find every time they open their lunchbox. Think sandwich

on a stick, make your own lunchables...even fun variations on classics like banana

“hot dog” with nut butter and jam or nut butter and jelly or cheese “sushi rolls.”


  1. Ensure lunchbox balance 
Make sure your child is getting everything they need to give them the energy and clarity to be able to stay present and focused throughout their day. Save money on certain snacks by buying in bulk (hello Costco!) and then portioning them out at home.  


  1. Leave a personal message

Whether its a simple smiley face, a joke, or even an affirmation, notes left for your loved ones make all the difference. You can extend this loving practice to anyone! Your spouse, friend, even yourself!