How to Stay Calm when YOU'RE Cooking Under Pressure!

August 30, 2018

How to Stay Calm when YOU'RE Cooking Under Pressure!

Four Easy Hacks to Destress During Prep Time

Hi guys!

I think we can all agree that life can get pretty hectic at times! And when you’re trying to get a million things done at once (when all you want to be doing is Netflix-ing from the comfort of your bed) things can boil up really quickly. And I’m not just talking about cooking. Everyone single one of us needs time for self-care! Making sure you’re getting the time and care you need is a vital step before meeting the needs of the ones you love. So here are the easy tricks I do to give myself a break when my schedule doesn’t allow for one!

1. Breathe!

You don’t have to be a yogi to know how breathing allows you to remain grounded and calm without having to adjust from what you’re already doing!!  Slow deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth. It helps me to exhale my breath in a way where it’s calmly audible. Seems easier than it really is but give it a shot!

2. Play some music and dance!

This ones a favorite! Especially when meal prepping, listening to your favorite tunes and dancing from station to station is a great way to get your body moving while releasing tension!

3. Practice affirmations

I try to incorporate this practice when I’m  feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. By telling yourself “everything is going to be ok”, it allows for a rational perspective when you may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It also helps to personalize it when you’re struggling with something specific “I’m a good person (mother, sister, spouse, friend…) even if I don’t get around to finishing this task today.” We can be really hard on ourselves so it’s uber important to remember to extend some self- compassion.

4. Share and be proud!

Snap a photo of your dishes and tag us on Instagram  @prepandrally. Always be proud of your hard work and efforts. We spend time in the kitchen to get ahead for the week, to make lunches for our sweet children, to make a romantic dinner for our spouse, and the list goes on. It's hard work but taking the time to step back and internalize what you've just accomplished can give you that adrenaline and confidence to stay motivated and keep at it! 

Life moves quickly and sometimes it's hard to keep the right mindset but taking the time to practice these 4 tricks can really help you stay calm, motivated, and happy!