Reasons to Love Your Meal Prep Subscription

September 17, 2018

Reasons to Love Your Meal Prep Subscription

 Let's be real- life gets busy. Between kids, school, work, running a household, maintaining friendships, religious obligations.. It's a lot! That’s why if there’s anyway to free up my schedule that allows for more time with friends and family I’m all over it. Welcome to the life changing, time saving, fun engaging, solution of meal prep! If you’re already a Prep and Rally meal prep subscriber you know just how beneficial these weekly meal plans are! If you're new to the game here are some of the major benefits of meal prep and the reason why meal prep in general has become SO trendy!

  1. Saves Time/Sanity

Timesavers are lifesavers. Am I right?! The time spent frantically throwing something together for dinner (while stomachs anxiously growl and kids pull on your legs mid-fit) can instead be used to ENJOY your delicious meal. You may actually be able to sit WITH your family or friends and eat together. What a concept! Something so simple but one that makes all the difference. This is why this is one of our favorite benefits of meal prep. There is always much less post-dinner clean up too because most of the mess is made on Sunday. Score!


  1. Saves Money

Tell me one person who doesn't benefit from money saved. We know your extra dollars can be put to good use elsewhere. That's why our menus are equal parts as delicious as they are easy using not only ingredients you can usually find pre-stocked in your kitchen, but also incorporating the ingredients you do pick up in multiple ways throughout the week in our meal prep to avoid waste! This results in a much shorter shopping list and more money saved. Let's just say we like to keep things tastefully affordable!


  1. Limits Waste

With an art background I've always love putting things together. Food is now that outlet and the reason I love it so much is because I get to use my creativity and resourcefulness in creating meal prep plans. I then challenge myself to recreate those meals and repurpose them in another way such as in my Super Simple series with Tastemade. I do this at home by taking last nights rotisserie chicken and turning it into egg rolls the next day. It's a fun challenge for me, it helps save the environment, and saves major money! We shared  some more ways to limit food waste in this article by 


  1. Self Care

Those who know me- know I’m all about some good ol’ self-care! It’s so important to take care of your mind and body so that you can actually function and be present in life. So don't have prepping be a basic, mundane, check-it-off-the-list task! Play some music, dance around, and even make it a social activity by getting your family involved in the meal prep process.



For more on meal prep check out this video segment from SFLCW.