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I'm Dini Klein

I'm a chef (although it sounds too fancy), food media personality (also sounds fancy but it just means that I make food videos), wife, mama of two, and entrepreneur (sounds way fancy but honestly it's just mean I hustle..and I mean really hustle!).

In a nut shell, I always loved getting creative. I started my professional career in fashion, and quickly found that creative outlet in food.

After working as a private chef for seven years I found a solution to a problem many families (including my own) were facing. Getting a wholesome dinner on the table for my family while I was working full-time was almost impossible. I was also tired of spending way too much time cooking, spending excessive money at the grocery store, and stressing over dinner menus every night of the week. I needed a solution.

Bring on Prep + Rally; A completely customizable meal prep service that gives you unique, nourishing, and flavorful dinners all week long. As a working mom of two very active little girls, I COMPLETELY understand the need for accessible meals so that dinner is on the table when those kiddos run through that door after school.

Dini Klein - Family Meal Plan - Prep And Rally

This is us. We're not perfect. Life is hectic. But we've found a system that works.

As a result we have delicious curated and easy to assemble (I'm talking 5-10 minutes!) meals ready to eat and enjoy together! It doesn't get much better than this. These moments...

We're all about one dinner for the entire family with small modifications to make it work for everyone. We get through the week together as a squad, and I guide you through every step of the way.

I couldn't be luckier to have my dream job and improve lives through this incredibly unique system that I created as a solution to help my own family get through the week! 

Dini Klein - Family Meal Plan - Prep And Rally

I've been lucky to work with brands such as Walmart, Daisy, Popsugar, Weight Watchers, Pinterest, Mic.com, refinery29, and Feedfeed. I'm also a Tastemaker on Tastemade where I develop food videos, and recipes for their social channels, and Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV. My recipes have been published in cookbooks such as Starbuck’s Coffee, Dawn to Dusk, and Pediatricians Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers. I've also done some live TV where I got to gush about Prep + Rally. Check out my most recent appearances on KTLA and The Hallmark Channel

Dini Klein - Family Meal Plan - Prep And Rally

Prep and Rally is the meal prep system that's truly changing lives. 

Every Wednesday, subscribers receive an email as a reminder to log in on the site and download the upcoming menu and shopping list. On Sunday subscribers can watch the #PrepRally video where we cook our staple dishes (with a glass of wine in hand!) which will then be creatively assembled into four completely curated dinners throughout the week. These videos guide you through the entire prep in real time (we keep the videos raw and unedited for this reason!) making it a fun and interactive experience, and easy to follow along. I guide you through every step of the way so we truly are getting through it together!

We've created and organized system for the week ahead all while smartly repurposing leftovers in unique ways in order to save time and grocery cost. The leftovers are just an added bonus for quickly thrown together lunches!

Every printable PDF comes with optional serving ideas to please every palate and you also get access to our incredible community via the member-only facebook group. This is the best resource for asking questions, making modifications, sharing, and inspiring! Additionally I am always available to answer any questions via instagram or email so reach out and come say hi! What is comes down to is the importance of homemade food and gathering around a dinner table, but honestly there are not enough hours in the day to do it all. I invite you into my kitchen to discover how we do it quickly, simply, efficiently, deliciously, and the Prep + Rally way!


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