Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker: Smart Slow Cooking Machine with Refrigeration for Home Kitchen with WiFi

Brand: Mellow


  • MAKE AMAZING MEALS SIMPLY: Mellow makes it simple to create amazing meals using sous-vide, a method of slow cooking in a temperature-controlled bath once limited to top chefs in the best restaurants.
  • FROM ORDINARY COOK TO EXTRAORDINARY CHEF: Mellow's in-app assistant chef with detailed recipes makes it easy to cook your meal to perfection every time. Choose from a broad range of categories, including health-conscious meals with extraordinary taste.
  • MEALS READY WHEN YOU ARE, WITHOUT THE FUSS: Let Mellow know when you want your meal to be ready, and then drop it into the cool water bath. Chill the water bath ahead of time using the Pre-Cooling feature or immediately using the Add Ice feature. Mellow's patented refrigeration will keep the food safely chilled until it's ready to start cooking, and then automatically heats the water at the right time so your meal is ready when you are.
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: Everything you need to make amazing meals in one sleek solution. Easy-clean proprietary double-walled water container with efficient heating and cooling help keep cleanup simple and energy bills low.
  • STAY FLEXIBLE: Running late? Built-in wifi connectivity allows you to adjust your Mellow's temperature and cooking time on your smartphone from anywhere. Available on iPhone or Android.

Publisher: Mellow

Details: BUILT-IN REFRIGERATION Meet your new sous-chef. Mellow, the smart sous vide machine, is designed to be as user-friendly as your average slow cooker. It just does so much more, so much better. Cook pork, beef, poultry, fish, sauces, soups and, yes, eggs with unmatched flavor in a delicate water bath. Our patented refrigeration system keeps it all cool and safe until cooking time. IN-APP ASSISTANT CHEF Program your Mellow sous vide from your smartphone with the in-app assistant chef. This means you control your food from virtually anywhere and Mellow learns your tastes over time to cater to your every food preference. WI-FI CONNECTIVITY Have dinner ready when you walk through the door. Mellow is the first sous vide machine designed around a busy cook's day, with technology to make jaw-dropping food after a simple 30-second setup. Just tell Mellow what you want to cook, how you like it and when you want it ready, all displayed in a gorgeous user interface. WEIGHT SENSOR Once your food is in its food-safe vacuum bag, just drop it in the water bath and let Mellow handle the details. The built-in sensor instantly alerts your smartphone of weight changes. If you're going to be late, just use our app to tell Mellow of your change of plans and it will settle into a holding pattern once it's done cooking. ENERGY EFFICIENT Mellow features a 1000 watt heating element so it heats up fast. Once it gets to temperature, it uses about 30 watts to keep the water hot. That's about the same as a couple of LED light bulbs. The cooling system features 140 watts of power to keep your food at refrigerator temperatures. Low energy consumption, high food satisfaction. -Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker -1000 Watt Capacity -Dimensions: H16" x W6" x D12" -Wifi Connectivity with Android (4.4 or later) and iPhone (iOS 9 or later) -1 Year Warranty (Contact Mellow for Details)

UPC: 800627000007

EAN: 0800627000007

Package Dimensions: 20.0 x 15.3 x 9.0 inches

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