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Let's Rally

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Prep + Rally™ is a family-friendly meal prep subscription service. We take the Sunday Meal prep game to a whole new level. Each week, we give busy families unique, easy to follow, affordable, and flavorful recipes to prep on Sunday. Those staples then break down to four fully prepped meals throughout the week. Did we mention that the prep only takes about an hour and getting dinner on the table throughout the week takes only minutes? Win!

Save Time: -Cook once for the week -One trip to the grocery store -Little to no clean up throughout the week -Quick dinner assembly -One trip to the grocery store -No time wasted searching for recipes and dinner inspiration Save Money: -No wasted ingredients -Thoughtful menus and plans to shop once -No last minute takeout -Bonus leftovers for school or work lunches Save Your Sanity: -No more menu planning or scrambling -More time spent with friends and family -More free time during the week -Dinner is ready for you when you need it! Other Benefits: -Easy recipes with ingredients that can easily be subbed and swapped -Customizable meals that are perfect for kids or any diet -Healthy homemade eating throughout the week -Always having something new and exciting to try -One dinner for the whole family so mom doesn't have to be a short order cook anymore

A weekly email reminder to log in to your account to check out the new menu. You will then read over the full prep, customize your grocery list and serving size, make any other necessary adjustments and get prepping. You'll be saving time, money, your sanity while Rallying through the week stress-free with fantastic dinners to boot!

Wednesday: You will get an email reminder that your new, delicious, and kid-friendly menu is ready to go. You will then head to your member dashboard and find next week’s plan under Meal Plans > Upcoming Week. * Annual subscribers receive access to full meal prep + individual recipe archives. Sunday: Follow along with your weekly meal guide and bang out that meal prep. We list all the recipes in the order in which you should cook them so you can maximize your time in the kitchen! Dini also provides lots of great tips and tricks to help you get through it with complete ease. Monday-Thursday: It’s time to go baby! Simply pull out those stored Sunday #preprally items and assemble incredibly fun, flavorful, and unique dinners quickly. Total rally time each night of the week will take no longer than 2-15 minutes. There’s never an excuse to not sit around the table with that kind of ease. So 1,2,3 let’s say goodbye to stress and rally!

Every Wednesday you'll be able to view the new menu for the upcoming week giving you enough time to read through, modify, adjust, and get ready for your Sunday prep.

All our menus are automatically set to serve a family of four, but you can adjust the serving sizes within each Meal Plan's grocery list when logged in to your account. You can also preset your preferred serving size in the About Me section in My Account so that it's always set.

The Sunday prep takes on average an hour from start to finish. The more you do it, the fast it goes as you get the hang of the flow. Not to mention your knife skills, confidence, and multi-tasking ability improve!

Throughout the week dinner comes together in anywhere from two to fifteen minutes of actual hands-on prep time! Most days require simply heating the Sunday prepped staples and assembling them together. Thursdays often require a little extra time to ensure a fresh meal even by week's end. However, you will only be doing light assembly and cooking such as utilizing roasted broccoli from Sunday and mixing it into eggs etc. to make a fresh quiche. Your shopping will be done for you already, and you'll be utilizing some of Sunday's staples in the dinner to save time! We've thought of it all!

Every week there is a mix of dairy, meat, vegetarian, and sometimes vegan meals. We also take inspiration from various cuisines around the world so the menus never get boring. The goal is one dinner for the whole family with small modifications to make it work for everyone. We keep things fun refreshing, and family friendly. Recipes can always be modified to work for any diet or allergy. We also give lots of tips, tricks, and swap-out options on the weekly menus. Our Prep + Rally Facebook community is the best resource for connecting with other subscribers and gathering inspiration on how to modify. Be sure to join the Facebook group and get involved. You can also email us any time with questions at

We prep on average 7-8 staples on Sunday that then transform into four unique dinners throughout the week. There are usually some leftovers to stretch some lunches throughout the week.

Absolutely. This plan was designed with the family in mind. We believe in one dinner for the whole family and achieve that with some smart modifications and swaps. We always share different serving suggestions and ideas to make it work for everyone. It's all about making dinner time fun, interactive, and getting the kiddos involved. Prep + Rally™ gives you more time back throughout your week which results in more patience for the kids therefore making dinnertime a memorable and fun experience.

There are usually some leftovers from the week that can be used for lunches or breakfast throughout the week. For example using leftover sautéed peppers and onions in a frittata for breakfast, or leftover quinoa in a grain bowl for lunch with a great dressing. Our "All Recipes" tab (for annual subscribers) features our best single recipes for use anytime. There are many breakfast, lunch, dessert, appetizer, and drink recipes in there and we update it often to keep great recipes coming your way.

Yes, we follow all kosher guidelines.

Don't sweat it! Use these meal plans any way that works for YOU, and prep any day of the week that's conducive to your schedule.

All our subscriptions are auto-renew and therefore keep going until you cancel. Cancel any time with one click.

Log into your account and find the cancel butter under My Subscriptions. It's that simple! If you are a monthly subscriber, you’ll be charged on the same day every month so be sure to cancel before the day you are billed for the next month. You will have access through the date you've paid for. Annual subscribers can also cancel any time and will have access to the site until the annual renewal date.

Of course and you'll be so happy you did with all the extra access you get on an annual plan! Simply head to Account once logged in, and modify under My Subscription. Your new plan will activate when the current is up!

We promise you won't be charged unless you choose to stay on board after your free month. You’ll be auto-renewed on the same day every month so be sure to cancel before that day if you don't plan on staying with us. We hope you do though :)