Meal Prep for Picky Kids?!

meal plan for kids

Are you interested in meal prep but not sure if a meal prep subscription will get your little ones to actually eat the food?

I remember when I was a kid I didn’t love all vegetables and instead preferred pizza or other “kid-friendly” dishes. I would say most kids are this way, and it’s completely normal. I promise!

My number one trick to feeding kids and a full family dinner is MAKE IT FUN! Let them assemble their own dinner. Make it playful. Let them feel like they’re making some choices. And never push too hard. Seems simple, right? It takes commitment and dedication to really make this happen. The earlier you stop buying the frozen pizza and nuggets the easier it will be to get them on the “good eating” path!

I fully believe a Prep and Rally meal prep subscription is the best place to start since kids will constantly be exposed and introduced to new meals every single night.

But staying strong, not buying the “back up” junk, and keeping at it is all you can do. Here are some recipe ideas that will deliver a family favorite meal packed with nutrients and a dinner everyone looks forward to!

1. DIY Tacos
I think we can agree almost everyone loves Tacos! For so much versatility
this is one of the easiest preps ever! Picture this- a dinner table (or lunch!)
with bowls prepped with everyones favorite toppings; cheese, greek yogurt,
avocado, peppers, tomatoes, olives… this list is as vast as your imagination
allows it to be! Swap out beef for shredded turkey, and add cubed sweet
potatoes and squash for a colorful healthy twist. And whatever you do, don’t
forget the salsa!

2. Oven Baked Fish Sticks
This baked not fried take will leave youngins clueless at the switch and have
the adults at the table feeling like kids again! Used crushed almonds and
bran flakes instead of breadcrumbs and serve with a dip of your choosing!

3. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
Another one that’ll have the kids asking for seconds without noticing the
swap! Cook cauliflower in boiling water until tender before draining
and drying.

4. Kale Chips
Kids love a good crunch! These are a delicious, salty snack or side that feels indulgent but is dinner appropriate! Forget dinner… this snack is “appropriate” anytime of the day!

5. Dinner Pies
Yes! I’m talking a dessert shaped dish set up for dinner eating! Stuffed with
vegetables and protein kids get the nutrients they need in the shape of everyones favorite dessert!

6. Personalized Meals
This means taking your family dinner and doing individual meal size of the same item! Think egg rolls, meat loaves, Shepherd’s pie, grain bowls… the list goes on! This twist makes it fun and personal giving everyone their own mini sized meals!

7. Fun Details
Put thought into presentation! Think about plating placement, colors, and
fun add ons to make the meal more visually pleasing and exciting! Add
dipping sauces, skewers, shapes… go wild with it! Your kids will be digging
it as they’re digging in!


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