The Ultimate Cake Hack

Birthday cakes are a secret passion of mine. I know that it can be a form of self- expression (think cake decorating activities for kids) and loads of fun, but lately I’ve been taking it next level.

When my son Solomon turned one, I decided to make his birthday (non-smash)cake by myself. The results were spectacular and it easy enough that even someone with no feel for cake decorating can master. Check out that image above, it’s made by me in under 20 minutes!

I’m sharing all my best tips and tricks here and will show you can make one of these on your own, without fancy ingredients or tools, and without breaking the bank on a $100+ customized cake.

~Click the photo to watch it in action~

Step 1: Buy a pre-made cake from a bakery. I like to choose a rectangle cake because its easiest to do steps 3 and 4 with this shape.

Step 2: Remove/wipe off as much of the creamy thick frosting as you can. Aim to make a flat and even base, with just athin layer of cream on top.

Step 3: Roll out a piece of fondant into a thin sheet(pick your base color!) that is large enough to cover the top and sides of the cake. This is where the rectangle shaped cake comes into use, no creases or folding lines!

Step 4: Use a knife or sharp edge to trip the extra fondant around the edges and tuck in the sides.

Step 5: Use more fondant to cut out fun shapes using cookie cutters, or top it with cake toppers. You can also use letter cookie cutters to spell out a name or something similar. If you have a theme, use theme appropriate cookie cutters and cake toppers to help it fit in!

Viola! You’re now a professional patissier!