BBQ Spice Rubs you NEED this Summer

You’re entering the zone of BBQ spice rubs.

Fire up the barbecue, it’s grilling season! So much (macho) energy goes into grilling the perfect barbecue but you can’t deny that the secret to a well made piece of meat is the seasoning. Upgrade from the classic and get in the know of the best BBQ spice rubs you need this summer. This is my ultimate BBQ spice guide.

Spice rubs not only add depth of flavor but are also intended to add some heat or smokiness to your meat. Before seasoning, pat your meat dry using a paper towel and then rub your pre-mixed or pre-made rub on both sides using your hands. If you’re marinating your meat, keep it in a sealed bag or container for at least two hours. While most of these are intended to spice your meats, you can also sprinkle them over veggies you plan on grilling for extra flavor! Now, choose your route below: Homemade or Store Bought.



If you are a Prep and Rally annual member you have access to tens of different rubs and marinades. Simply search the word “marinate” in the recipe search bar to bring them all up. Some of my favorites include: Steak Rub, this Chipotle Rub, Adobo Marinade, this Foolproof Marinade, my salsa verde recipe (coming soon in the cookbook!) to pour over grilled chicken, and finally my absolute favorite Korean steak marinade recipe, included below.

Korean Steak Marinade

-¼ cup soy sauce

-1 tablespoon maple syrup

-1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

-2 cloves garlic smashed

-¼ cup scallions thinly sliced


Shake all ingredients in a Ziploc Bag and seal tightly to marinate. This is a must try! Let me know what you think by tagging @prepandrally in your barbecue goodness!


Store Bought:

This can be a fun gift for a friend or yourself. Treat yourself to some fine spices. There’s so many options but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5. Have you tried these?

  1. William Sonoma Spice Rub Set

  2. Mccormick Grill Mates (especially Montreal Steak Seasoning and the Brown Sugar Bourbon)

  3. Bone Suckin Sauce Seasoning and Rub

  4. The Spice House Bronzeville Rib Rub

  5. FreshJax Bold Bayou Cajun Seasoning


Make the most of the season and try some new things! I hope this BBQ spice guide serves as good inspiration for your next at home barbecue!

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