Benefits of Prep + Rally

If you follow @prepandrally on Instagram, you know how much people swear by our meal prep plans. We’re going to share the benefits of Prep + Rally with you and which plan will work best for you!

Benefits of Prep + Rally:

  1. Saves you time- You only have to meal prep once a week for an hour! Yes you heard that correctly! Mapping out the week in advance allows you to shop once (another time saver) and results in prepared staples that take just minutes to assemble into unique nightly dinners. Dinners take 5-10 minutes each night to prepare! Prep + Rally allows for limited cooking and cleaning each night.
  2. Saves you money- With Prep + Rally, you only need to grocery shop once a week and only buy exactly what you need! How often do we go to the grocery store or order online with no plans for what we are going to cook? This leads to overbuying and foods going bad in your fridge before you could use them. Add in last minute take out orders and that ends up being quite expensive for a whole family. Prep + Rally gives you delicious recipes, menus, shopping lists, and an average weekly grocery bill of less than $100! Using our creative system, you will use ingredients in multiple ways to save you even more money.
  3. Saves you sanity- How many times do we come home from a long day and realize we have to figure out what to make for dinner. Then we open the fridge and realize we don’t have the ingredients we need? With Prep + Rally, you’ll buy everything you need in the beginning of the week and won’t have to figure out what to make for dinner. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and on yourself.
  4. Easy to navigate- Our site is made to be simple and easy to use.  The weekly meal plans and recipes are organized to make it easy to look through and have everything you need prepared.
  5. Doesn’t leave you hanging- Our plans take you step by step with special tips and tricks to make meal prep something you cannot live without! Whether you’re vegetarian or low carb, this plan gives you modifications so they you can adapt our recipes for YOUR lifestyle! We’re here to show you whether you have picky eaters, are trying to lose weight, or have dietary restrictions, Prep + Rally can still work for you. You can always chat with us on our site with the little chat button if you have any questions! Checkout this post on how to make your meal preps approved for your special needs.
  6. Can make you money- Say that again?! Yes, our program can make you money. Join our affiliate program and make money by sharing Prep + Rally with your friends. You can gift your friends 20% off our annual subscription and when your friend buys from your invite link, you get $5 in cash! Check this out for more info about our referral program.

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2 different plans:

Monthly- $11.99 billed monthly.

The perks of this plan:

  1. 1 month free with a promo code.
  2. Access to weekly meal prep plans
  3. Fully customizable grocery list
  4. Adjustable serving sizes
  5. Access to private Facebook group

Annual- $99.99 (save $44.88 a year!)

  1. Comes out to only $8.33 a month
  2. Access to weekly meal prep plans
  3. Access to 52 weeks of meal prep archives
  4. Individual recipe access
  5. Favorites section to save recipes
  6. Fully customizable grocery list
  7. Adjustable serving sizes
  8. Access to private Facebook group

Here’s a quick summary comparing the 2 plans!

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An a monthly member, you can upgrade any time from monthly to annual and enjoy the special perks of the annual plan listed above.

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