How to: Not get Lost in a Grocery Store

How do you feel about grocery shopping? 

To some it can be enjoyable and a therapeutic time alone. Browsing the store and choosing your items might feel like a luxurious break. To others it can feel like an irritating, time consuming task that comes haunting every six days or so.

Regardless, there is nothing like hand picking your own produce or discovering new food products you never knew existed. 

For a day that you strictly need to be in and out of the store (and when’s the last time you accomplished that) here are some things you can do to set yourself up for success. 


Discover your favorite store and stick with it:

Distance from your home, and product freshness/availability should be the main factors used in determining “your store”. Once you find your store, stick with it. Make that your primary for each week’s stock up. After a couple of times you will start to know where everything is located, making your grocery shopping process quicker by default. 


Make a clear list:

Write a clear list or take your Prep and Rally grocery shopping list. While we have incredible minds and memories, oftentimes one or two small things can be forgotten, or we can become overwhelmed by all the choices in the store. If you’re making your own list, it’s helpful to divide it by category such as listing all produce together. This way you can knock out each section at a time without running back and forth. 


Go the old fashioned way:

Write the list using pen and paper, or print out the Prep and Rally grocery shopping list being used. This way there is no need to shuffle between screens on your phone, or pause to unlock the phone in between each item added to cart. Plus- you can cross off items already shopped if that visual is helpful for you. 


Read your list before entering the store:

At the red light, while your A/C or heat temp is adjusting, or while your passengers are buckling up, read through your grocery shopping list so you’re familiar with the items and can grab them when you pass it. Rather than needing to consult the list at each new item passed, be ready to recognize the product when you reach it. 



If you’re really just not in the mood, use the ultimate Prep and Rally hack. Order your groceries online🙂  You can have your dry goods shopped and delivered to you, and do a quick produce haul when you get the chance, or get them all to your door! 

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