Must Have Cookware

Must Have Cookware

My kitchen is my sanctuary and every single thing I have in there is intentional. To cook great food, you need to have a great base of produce and pantry items, and quality cookware. I truly believe that having the right cookware will help you love your meal prep time, and having good quality items that will last is really key.  

 There are certain cookware staples that I turn to every single day to get me through my meal prep.  I can depend on these year upon year because of their quality. If you are going to invest time, money, or energy into something, invest it in my top, must have cookware choices below. They will upgrade your cooking experience, enhance your performance in the kitchen, and it’s always nice to enjoy the tools you work with most often.

Click on the photos below to add to cart and shop these kitchen tool upgrades. There are some items that are an investment (and trust me, its worth it) and some that are small but super useful. Happy shopping!


Caraway Pots





Garlic Mincer


Great Chef’s Knife


Immersion Blender


Mason Jars with attached cover for sauces

Extra Large Sheet Pans



Prep + Rally Board for Prepping and Serving


Check out this Reel that shows more of my favorite kitchen items.