My Favorite Go-To’s

If I’m put on the spot or need to make a decision quickly, I turn to my favorite go to’s. These are the things in my life that I have consistently enjoyed or that always get good use. All of us have our go to’s that we turn to time and time and again, and that goes for all different aspects of our lives.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my absolute favorite go-to’s just for funzies! Hope you enjoy this and tell me if you have tried these!

My Go To:

Starbucks order: Tall caramel macchiato with almond milk and only one pump of syrup, light drizzle (I’m complicated)

Fast food order: I know, so lame, but it’s usually a nice loaded chicken salad or something similar. And then of course I nibble at the kids real fast food if I’m still hungry. Mom life.

Health food order: I usually order a soup or a salad.

Restaurant: Crossroads Kitchen 

Soup recipe: A hot and hearty vegetable soup, using up anything I have on hand- the true Prep and Rally way!

Grocery store: Amazon Prime Now. Because who goes to the actual grocery store 🙂

Cook book: I use the ones I have as inspo but I usually do my own take on the recipe. I am so inspired by Melissa Clark’s Dinner book.

Smoothie: Dates, cocoa powder, mixed berries, spinach, almond butter, and water.

Sweet treat: 70% cocoa chocolate chunks preferably stored in the freezer, because I love that cold crunch.

Cocktail: Tequila base, habanero or jalapeno for heat, and watermelon, or really anything as long as it’s not too syrupy! I like it slightly sweet, spicy, and a touch smoky.

Snack for kids: Ideally fruits and veggies, but if not that, we always have seaweed snacks, Pop Chips, Veggie Straws, and bars on hand! (See My favorite grab and go snacks for more!)

Movie snack: POPCORN with nutritional yeast. Always!

Go To Pizza: Artichokes, olives, and truffle. Mmmmm, you know I am a pizza lover.  There is nothing like making your own and baking it in a real pizza oven. I promise it’s another life. Here’s a link to my FAVE pizza oven– the one you see these in all my stories! We have the OONI Fyra wood pellet oven and it is beyond incredible. Can’t get enough.

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