Prep + Rally Subscriber Spotlight: Sarah Sicherman

We’re excited to launch a new spotlight series, where we will be featuring different Prep + Rally subscribers. The goal of this series is to highlight how much the family meal-prep system has helped busy couples and parents all over the world streamline the dinnertime process. Throughout this series, you will get to know some awesome subscribers who are loving Prep + Rally and hear all about why they’re loving it!

Sarah Sicherman starts us off! Read through our Q and A with her below.

DG: We’d love to get to know you! Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. Where are you based? What do you do?


SS: I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, with my husband, Jon, and our three kids Shimmy, Kayla, and Haddie. We also have a giant Goldendoodle, Brutus. I am the director of marketing and communications at Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Maryland.


DG: How and when did you first hear about Prep + Rally? What inspired you to subscribe, and which plan do you have?


SS: I first heard about Prep + Rally through Ilana Muhlstein and her 2B Mindset program. I loved the idea of a weekly meal prep that would make it easier for my family to have meals ready to go at the end of the day. I’m an annual subscriber.


DG: How long have you been a Prep + Rally subscriber for? What did your dinnertime life (ie. grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking) look like before you joined Prep + Rally? How has Prep + Rally changed the way that you approach preparing meals?


SS: This is my second year using Prep + Rally. Previously, we tried a weekly schedule where each day had a theme, but it was hard to break out of the usual options. I wanted to find items that could appeal to adults and pickier eaters, and I love that the prep gives lots of staples that I can mix and match throughout the week. It has also really helped me prepare lunches for myself while home during this pandemic.


DG: Has the Prep + Rally system helped ease any of the pressure of having everyone home during these crazy times? Please share the impact, if any, that having a stable plan for weeknight dinners has had on you and/or your family during COVID.


SS: I love knowing that we have food ready to go at the end of the day. But more than dinnertime, it’s been great at lunch when I can mix items for a big salad. Otherwise, I would probably go hungry during a stressful workday.


One of Sarah’s big salads. Image courtesy of Sarah Sicherman.

DG: Generally speaking, do you feel that Prep + Rally has changed your family’s eating habits/dinnertime environment at all? Did you/your family try any flavors or foods that you wouldn’t have before as a result of Prep + Rally? Please explain.


SS: Prep + Rally has opened my kids’ eyes to try new things. The turkey burgers are a couple of weeks ago were a HUGE hit and they keep asking for them. Even when we don’t follow the weekly prep, it’s so nice to have a repertoire of recipes that I know my kids will like!


DG: What some things have you enjoyed most about being a Prep + Rally subscriber?


SS: I love having access to all of the previous recipes, so even when something isn’t speaking to me, it’s like having a giant cookbook!


DG: Is there a particular Prep + Rally meal-prep or dish that stands out to you? Please share!


SS: We love the meat sauce with the carrots. It helps elevate our basic sauce and adds a little veggie punch.


Thank you, Sarah, for spreading the Prep + Rally love!


Do you also want to make dinnertime easier for you and your family? Be sure to click here to get your Prep + Rally subscription – you’ll get the first month free!

-Interview compiled and edited by Dena Gershkovich, Prep + Rally contributor

Dena Gershkovich is a writer, recipe developer and future dietitian. She holds a B.S. in Dietetics and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland. She will be completing her dietetic internship with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan starting in September 2020. Follow Dena’s blog, The Artsy Palate, and Instagram account (@theartsypalate) to see more of her work.
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