Rosh Hashanah Menu Made Simple

It’s time for the new year and with that comes several holiday meals. As always I like to prep as much ahead of time such as sauces/dips, protein/soups/desserts that I can freeze and only leave last minute roasting to the day of! It’s all about planning ahead leading up to the holiday! 


I have a multitude of Rosh Hashana recipes for you to make for your family or bring to a meal. It’s customary to incorporate carrots, pomegranates, and new fruits into the menu so you’ll see lots of that reflected in the recipes. Other symbolic items are leeks, olive, dates, honey, and other sweet foods. Gosh I love this holiday!


So with all this being said: here is my Rosh Hashana Table Roundup that you can access with an annual plan. If you don’t already have a subscription be sure to subscribe today to start off this new year with all the recipes, meal plans, and dinner ideas you need. I promise it’s worth every penny and will make your life easy.

 Build your menu by selecting your favorites from each category and boom the holiday is cooked. We’re making things simple this year. 














And just for fun here are some fun holiday links:


These exotic fruit boxes have everything you need (+ more!) and make a really nice gift. 

New fruits tropical box    Option 2


Hacks: The mess-free pomegranate hack I use every year. You’re welcome! Seed a Pomegranate in Water


The Art of making honey (feels like a lifetime ago!) –