Sauces and Marinades for Days

Sauces and Marinades for Days

I love a good 2-in-1. Don’t you? 

My business is based on this premise so that says a lot about me. My weekly meal plan system is all about making 1 food and using it multiple ways during the week to create 4 unique and different meals. 

The most versatile meal prep staple that enhances any meal and turns it from mediocre to fabulous, are killer sauces.  


Sauces are the cornerstone of the Prep + Rally meal prepping system. Each week’s meal plan will have at least one sauce in the meal prep, and will be used in at least 2 different ways throughout the week. 

There is no limit to what can be done with sauces. You can thicken them up for a dip, thin them out for a dressing or marinade, and inject flavor into meals all week.

One great sauce can become:


-Marinade for chicken or fish

-Dressing for a salad

-Topping for a taco or sandwich

-Dip for a crudite or snack board

-Flavor booster for roasted vegetables

-Spread for bread or a sandwich

-Dip for nuggets or fritters


That’s already 7 alternate uses. Need I explain this kitchen MVP more? 


Here is a recipe for a top notch sauce that can be repurposed and used in all 7 ways. Best part about it? You can throw all the ingredients into a jar and use an immersion blender to blend it all up. This way you can pop it straight into your fridge for a later use of your choice, with little mess to clean up!



Peruvian Aji Verde Sauce

-1 bunch cilantro

-4 garlic cloves, chopped

-1 shallot, chopped

-⅔ cup mayonnaise

-1 large lime, juiced

-1 jalapeno pepper seeded (optional)

-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

-Salt to season


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blend in a wide mouthed jar with an immersion blender, until you reach a creamy sauce. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary!