Stuffed Dates FTW!

Welcome to the stuffed dates world.

I had to get very creative with my snack ideas while on Whole 30 a few months back. Finding something quick to eat that doesn’t require 10 minutes of cooking, baking, or prepping has been my biggest challenge. Plus, sometimes you really just need a sweet snack to hit the spot. Those grab and go snacks are totally something I took for granted.

Now, for a quick dose of all natural sweetness I turn to medjool dates. Forget chopping them up for salads, or throwing them in your smoothies. Make them a delicacy by stuffing them. There’s a million different ways to go with this. Stuffed dates can be made sweet or even savory. They can be appetizers or snack/dessert, it just depends on the time, menu, and mood! Let’s get into these stuffed dates ideas!


Sweet Stuffed Dates

My favorite fillings for a sweet stuffed date treat begin with butters. Slather some almond, peanut, or granola butter (this one is my favorite) inside to start. Next go in with the crunch, and stick an almond or walnut, or best yet, a hazelnut in there. Top it off by drizzling melted chocolate on top or dunking the whole thing in melted chocolate. If you want to be really extra, roll your chocolate covered date creation in pretzel crumbs. That crunch and salt will add a whole new taste dimension. Alternatively you can roll it in shredded coconut or top it off with some pomegranate seeds. Allow to set in the fridge for 5 minutes. You can also freeze them for later or any time you need a quick treat. YUM.


This next date hack will change your life forever. Stuff your date with cookie dough and bake in the oven for 7 minutes at 350°F. You know those IG videos of hot-from-the-oven-cookies being cracked open? Yeah. Do that with this level upper and enjoy while warm for the ultimate experience. Talk about a seriously special stuffed date.

Savory and Flavory

Savory stuffed dates make the best appetizers. It doesn’t matter if you make one type or five, everyone will love you for putting in the effort to make individual, out of this world, bites. Try it and never look back.


The best of the best: Saute a small diced shallot and torn basil leaves over a high flame. Season with a little bit of salt. When shallots are translucent and basil is soft, remove from heat into a small bowl off the side. Next, use the same pan to sauté a chopped onion in oil. When onions are translucent, add in ground lamb and your favorite barbecue sauce (my favorite one linked here). Mix until the lamb is fully cooked through and remove from heat.

To assemble: Press some shallot and basil into the date, and top off with a spoonful of lamb. Best to enjoy warm!


A close second place: Stuff your date with some cashew cream cheese (I like this one) and tightly wrap the entire date in a pastrami slice. Place in a heated pan with oil and lightly toast for one minute on each side. Enjoy hot!


Dairy options: Goat cheese pairs really nicely with the sweetness of the dates. Garnish with chopped sundried tomatoes and basil, or a walnut and chopped mint. These are easiest to make look neat and presentable, and they taste even better.


PB&J Sandwich: Stuff the date with peanut butter and top with some homemade raspberry jam using this Prep and Rally goodie recipe.

The best ever way to serve your stuffed dates is on the new, trendy and useful Prep and Rally Wooden Board. Prep your dates on one side and rally away on the serving side!

These can all also be fun changeup for your next date night (pun intended)! Let me know if you make any of these or tag @prepandrally in your creations over on insta!

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