The Best Grab and Go Snacks

I need to tell you about my favorite grab and go snacks on the market. Of the thousands of different snack options on the shelves these days, the best selling snack from Amazon Pantry in the last year was popcorn. In second place we have Ritz cracker sandwiches and in third, soft granola bars. Not so shocking, these are popular in my home as well. Snacks are vital for pulling you through a busy day, especially when you’re out and about. They’re not just for kids lunches, we adults need it too!

I’ve rounded up my favorite Grab and Go snacks for when you’re on a carpool run, doing errands, or for a busy day at the (home) office. Starting with the 2020 bestseller: 


Popcorn (and chips). 

We ALL love popcorn. I make it homemade with melted chocolate chips, or with nutritional yeast. My fave. It’s easy to make and have prepared to grab and go, or to snack on during your 3pm crash.

I also love the popcorn from the brand Lesser Evil. They make so many fun flavors of organic popcorn like dark chocolate and himalayan salt, no “cheese” cheesiness, classic cheddah, himalayan sweet, and even more! These are all in addition to their paleo puffs and power curls snacks. They now sell variety boxes and sample packs to get the deliciousness in single servings! That is even better to grab and go. Stock your pantry with this, or make a big batch of popcorn to last you most of the week. 

We are also a big chip family. Mike and I have chip sessions on the couch every so often- lol! We’re addicted to kettle cooked jalapeno or salt and vinegar chips. And those chili lime taki chips from Trader Joes… Holy moly, such a treat. 

Bites and Bars

These are sold literally everywhere and are an easily accessible grab and go snack when needed. Our favorite brands are Made Good, Natures Bakery, and occasionally Z bars because my kids love them! 

The Oatmeal Peanut Butter Power Balls from are also great, and look out for more like this, plus my ultimate granola recipe coming soon in my cookbook! 


Bagged Snacks

Popchips, Skinny pop popcorn, seaweed snacks, veggie straws, and sugar free dried mango and pineapple from Trader Joes are IT. I always have these snacks on my shelf. They’re perfect to grab and even better if you are on the go. I also LOVE beanitos nacho flavor. My kids aren’t the biggest fans, but I am addicted. 


From the Fridge

The biggest Prep and Rally lifesaving hack is going the extra mile and buying pre-cut veggies. They cut down your cooking prep time, and also double as an easy snack! The “unprocessed” veggie sticks alone or with an individual hummus or guacamole are easy go- to’s.  Grab and go snacks at it’s finest

Fruits go without saying. Berries, grapes, clementines, apples, and bananas are literally made to bring on the go! You can even spice it up with Justin’s PB travel packets and a sprinkle of cinnamon!


Favorites from my website

Stock up your fridge or freezer with easy homemade snacks that you can pull out at any time! The Prep and Rally website archives have so many- utilize them! Make a batch or two and package them properly to freeze. No expiration date on those snacks!

My favorites are: Branana Muffins, Chia Pudding, Apple Doughnuts Old Bay Spiced Chickpeas, Morrocan Spiced Nuts, Peanut Butter Granola Bars, Chocolate Almond Butter Biscotti, Whole Wheat Blueberry Scones, Apple Zucchini Muffins


To get access to the recipes above, plus hundreds more exclusive for Prep and Rally annual members click here.

See my snack roundup on Amazon here.


To all my snack lovers- I got you.

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