The Farmers Market Life

There’s nothing I love more than a Farmers Market day. It’s like outlet shopping but better. Crisp fresh air mixed with the crisp and fresh produce, I seriously can’t think of a better combo. There are so many pros of shopping at the local farmers market, in addition to the incredible vibe and community:)

The produce is extremely fresh. Compared to commercially sold produce, fruits and veggies from the Farmers Market are practically grown in your backyard! They aren’t traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to reach your stores, they are locally grown and brought straight to you in a matter of minutes! Farmers Market produce is also picked at the peak ripeness, since they are sold immediately after. This combination of fresh + ripe is a recipe for the best tasting produce you’ve ever had.


These farmers have the most pride when it comes to their produce.

Rightfully so, they toil and work their magic to bring us the best of the best. Local farms produce are organic, so it especially pays to get high quality and organically grown produce, at least for EWG’s list of  “dirty dozen” vegetables. And to dispel another myth: No- they do not cost more than your regular grocery store’s organic aisle!


Every single piece of fruit or bunch of vegetables are harvested with you in mind. You, the local community member who the farmer can put a face to when you are shopping! That makes you feel pretty special, right?! Well, it’s also pretty special to be able to meet the person responsible for your crisp and natural produce. Additionally, these local farms generally like to plant in variety, so you will have lots of great choices to pick from!


Shopping at the Farmers Market supports your local farms and businesses. It also boosts your community. The relationship between the grower and consumer is direct, and it’s really special. There is a vibe there that transports you to a different place in a different time. It’s a fun solo outing, trip with friends, or with your kids. There is so much to discover at the farmers market, and it changes up each time!


 If you’ve been market shopping around the world, don’t forget to access it in your hometown. It’s even better.

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